Tuning. You’re Doing It Wrong

When it comes to bow tuning I hear a lot of people talking about areas that don’t actually matter when it comes to tuning for shoot-ability. It seems the trend now is to tune for results they’ve heard of on ArcheryTalk or someone at their club has mentioned. No cam lean. Stops hitting together. Peak weight perfect to what the bow’s sticker says. None of this has anything to do with how the bow shoots for you and is purely based on a warm feeling, cosmetic touch. Continue reading

Thumb Release Execution Methods

While I have a lot of dedicated hinge release information here on my blog and also on my YouTube channel, I realized I hadn’t posted any dedicated thumb release information. That changes today! I’m going to give you 7!!, ways to execute a shot with a button release, and not only am I going to just give you that information, I am going to tell you which method works best with certain shot types to allow you to choose the right one for you! Continue reading

How To Tame Spiral Cams

Several years ago I had a discussion with Hoyt Pro, Steve Anderson when he was also working at the Hoyt factory. I called to ask about ordering a bow set up with Spiral Cams and what number cam to order. At the time, I didn’t fully understand all that was being told to me and I ended up ordering the bow with the number cam corresponding with my draw length setting. This is something many archers do and what is normally taught. If you’re a 28 inch draw, you purchase a 28 inch cam set up for the bow. This leads to the stereo-typical Spiral Cam feel. Aggressive, low let-off percentage, high holding weight, and you have to make sure not to creep forward or you’ll have the string ripped from your anchor point. But what if I was to tell  you that you can get a smooth feeling cam that is more forgiving, doesn’t have to be held so firmly at full draw, and still had the smoothness of a Spiral Cam that you love?  Continue reading

Spot Hogg The Edge Arrow Rest Review

The arrow rest is what supports the arrow and greatly aides in tuning your bow to give you the most forgiveness possible. So when I look at picking an arrow rest I’m looking at only a few points of interest, but ones that are incredibily important. I’m looking for adjustability of the rest first and foremost, the ease of which you can use the rest, the increments of adjustment given, and finally the overall look of the rest based on the product. Continue reading

Twisted X Bowstring Review

I’m writing this review with mixed emotions. Not because of a product not meeting expectation, but because I don’t want Shane at Twisted X Bowstrings to get so big that the quality of the extremely well made set of strings I received starts to deteriorate. It’s not often I purchase a product and see nothing wrong with it. It’s not often a product allows me to look at all the areas where I am extremely picky and have everything meet or exceed my standards. Continue reading

How I Set Up A Hinge Release

Before I get into how I set my hinges up, I want to address some common issues I find with archers I work with. So many archers have their hinges set too fast and use too much pressure on their index finger to hold the hinge in their hand. Sometimes it is because they are timid and afraid of the release going off because they’ve heard so many stories of people punching theirselves with a hinge release and they don’t want that to happen to them. Sometimes it’s because they have had problems with the hinge wanting to fire when they are shooting and think making the hinge faster will allow them to get their shot to fire sooner. Continue reading