Monthly Archives: June 2014

Archer’s Block…. A.K.A. “Target Panic”

I see the word target panic thrown around a lot. It’s become a catch phrase and every time I see it, I cringe a little bit more. You see the thing is, we’ve all gone through it at some point. And if you haven’t yet…. Well keep reading, you’ll need the information some day. Continue reading

Thumbs Up, Shoulder Alignment

John Dudley has touched in his articles and recently again on his podcasts about focusing on not shooting and stressing over hitting your mark and to not focus on only what score you are shooting, or trying to shoot. Instead he says to focus on finding out what the perfect shot FEELS like and then replicating that over and over again, letting that be how you judge how you are shooting, not just your scores. I couldn’t agree more with this, and for more than just one reason. When you are focusing on the feel of the shot, you will be focusing more on you. It puts the blame and reward where it belongs when you are shooting…. On you. Continue reading

Release Execution

When someone asks me what I feel is the most important part of my shot, my answer is always how I execute with my release. You can have perfect form, your bow set up to shoot the same hole out of a shooting machine, and your arrows spined and set up optimally for your bow, but if your release execution isn’t done smoothly and mirrored from shot to shot you will have a shot pattern that can never be tracked to see what adjustments to be made next. Continue reading