Hello, and thank you to everyone who visits this blog. My point and goal of creating this is to have a one stop place for common topics I see talked about and asked about on I know everyone has their own mannerisms and methods, but we are all wanting to achieve the same goal. Perfection. Whether that is harvesting your first, or best game animal, or trying to compete with the likes of Reo Wilde, Jesse Broadwater, Levi Morgan, or any of the other great professional archers that make it look so easy. I’ll try to keep what I post unbiased. I want to give the technical aspects of why I do what I do and how it works, but in a fashion anyone hopefully can understand. If you are on “AT” and have additional questions for me or want to find me that way, my username on there is RCR_III. I’ll try to post up some different topics as often as I can to keep this going, and if you have any suggestions on what you want me to talk about on here just let me know!

4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Glenn

    Well done – I enjoyed all the entries. It’s good to have a distillation of the many views expressed on AT. Keep at it!

  2. John Hamilton

    Awesome stuff here!! I would like to see a topic of taking a brand new bow and setting it up from the beginning to tournament ready, I know this is a multi segmented and extensive topic, but I like to see how others go about setting up and tuning a new bow.

    1. rchery18 Post author

      I’ve actually got that in the works! I’m filming some videos to add to the posts I’ve gotten on here now. And I’ll make building up a bow my next few I write. Thanks for the kind words I really appreciate it!


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