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Bow Build Up Part 2 Unboxing, Sight Set-Up, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Axis

After picking out all of the accessories and components I will use, now it is time for unboxing my new bow and starting down the journey of getting it to feel right to me and also shoot the most forgiving for my shot type and techniques.
When I first pull out a new bow from the box, I will start by measuring the axle to axle and brace height. The reason I do this, is to get a rough idea of where everything is to start out with. The next thing I will do is start mounting on my accessories.
I will put the sight and scope on the bow first. Once these are on the bow, I will start checking, and setting, my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustments. I have a Hamskea tool I use for this. Continue reading

Bow Build-Up Part 1 Picking Equipment

I had been toying with the idea of going over how I set up my new bows for tournament shooting already, and then I had a request for this topic so I decided now is a good time to start putting the information out. I’m going to make this as detailed as possible and add back in some videos or pictures later on as I am getting them done, so this will be several parts long and I will try to break them down in segments of related steps. Starting with what I look for in choosing equipment for my bows, unboxing and initial tuning, more in depth tuning, and ongoing adaptions. As always, thanks for reading these and I hope this information is helpful for you. Continue reading

Balancing Act, Setting Up Stabilizers

Using a stabilizer, or multiple stabilizers, can be very helpful in lessening the reactions of your bow after your shot, but they have to be set up correctly for you or they only hurt, instead of help. So what is correct? Is this a standard something that works for everyone? Is it a secret formula of mathematics? Or is it putting your bow on a hook and balancing it out? Continue reading