T.R.U. Ball HBC Review

Now that I’ve had time to bond with my new Honey Badger Claw, I wanted to write down my findings so far for everyone that has been interested in possibly purchasing one of these releases.

I’ve been shooting a T.R.U. Ball HT3 Pro for over a year now exclusively, and I’ve gotten very comfortable with it and shot some of my best scores with it as well. What caught my attention about the release initially was the flat finger beds, and the micro adjustments on the release head. With the HBC, the same flat finger beds and micro adjustments are still there, but have been tweaked some.

The HBC has a taper on the handle that starts after your first finger. The middle finger is slightly narrower than the HT and then the ring finger is much more narrower. It took me some time to get used to the new taper, and how I needed to put the release in my hand and execute, but what I noticed was how much more consistent my point of impacts were down range. Even while I was putting my first shots down range I was shocked to see what was happening. I was having shots where I felt at the time it broke that they were bad shots, and when I looked at the target I was still in the gold. I can’t really leave anything to, “wow this is cool”, so my brain started trying to figure out why this was happening. The conclusion I have come to is the taper on this release is more forgiving. Because I do not have as much surface area on my fingers as I did with my HT, when I pull through and it is not perfectly straight, my fingers are not torquing the release as badly. And now that I am becoming more comfortable with my release, I have already shot a personal best 50m score/X count.

While I am talking about the release’s handle I’ll point out the new HBC has a much straighter handle throughout all of the finger beds than the HT. It didn’t look much straighter in pictures I had seen before receiving the release, but to me it actually is very noticeable now. I’ve had to adjust how I was holding the release and the different tensions I put on the finger beds. Before with my HT I was used to pulling back my third finger to be able to put pressure on the last finger bed because of it’s slopped back design. However with the HBC, I do not have to do this any longer. I can leave all three of my fingers in their natural curve on the release and be much more steady throughout my shot process. It’s helped me have a stronger anchor point, and not have tendencies to pull my hand away from my face on the release and have left misses. The grooves and hook on this release also give me a much more locked in feeling. With the hook, I get the feeling I have something to put pressure against and it aides in execution. And with the deeper grooves my fingers don’t slide as much, or at all really, throughout my execution.

The head on the HBC still has T.R.U. Ball’s great micro adjustment capability, but with an added benefit. It’s much, much smoother to operate. On the HT, the spring that held tension on the head to hold it closed between shots, would grind and hold tension against the head of the release. On the HBC they have redesigned how the spring touches the head and the angles. This means you do not feel the grinding sensation and tension when you open the head with your fingers, or when you are going through your shot. This is very noticeable during execution. It’s much smoother and feels like the release wants to willingly and on it’s own execute. Now that I have learned this feel and how smooth and easier it is to execute, I have been able to pull much less and have my shot go off easier. This lets me stay steadier and not have as much input on my pull through than before.

Overall, I would say the HBC release is an improvement over the HT. I wouldn’t say the HT is obsolete through at all. They are two totally different releases on feel and design. I personally have always liked a straighter handle on my release so the HBC fits me better. The slope of the HT was always my one gripe. I can shoot just as well with the smaller taper of the HT as I do with the more aggressive taper of the HBC, but I will say the HBC adds some forgiveness for how I execute my release and for me that means it looks like the HBC will become my new go to release.

image (3)

image (4)

image (8)

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