Monthly Archives: August 2014

Bow Build Up Part 6 Walk Back Tuning, Creep Tuning, Group Tuning, and Sight Tapes

Everything is starting to come together now and should be shooting very well at this point. The reason you do any type of tuning is to make the bow as forgiving as it can be, and more importantly, to make the bow custom fit to YOU and more forgiving for you. Tuning around your grip, your arrows, your strings, your arrow rest, your draw length, how you anchor, and how you execute. All of this is important and will help your bad shots land closer to the center of the target. There’s only a couple more steps that I like to take before I start shooting for scores and enjoying my new set up. Continue reading

Bow Build Up Part 5 Nock Tuning, Paper Tuning, Bareshaft Tuning

Now that I have my bow set up for draw length, draw weight, and holding weight, I will now start tuning for arrow flight. There are multiple different ways that everyone goes about doing this, but it all comes to the same conclusion. The methods I use and steps I take are what I’ve found that work best for me and are the easiest to replicate for myself. Over time though when I find something new, I do add or take away steps. I’m always wanting to try the next way of doing something because of my search for perfection. Continue reading

Bow Build Up Part 4 Partial Stabilizer Set-Up, String Angle, Hold Tuning

Keeping with the trend of moving down the bow and installing accessories, the next step I take is going through the first part of my Stabilizer Set-Up. Here is a link for you to follow that will explain this. ( What I will do is work through all of this process, except the fine tuning part of shooting and following my groups to determine the final adjustments. Continue reading