Twisted X Bowstring Review

I’m writing this review with mixed emotions. Not because of a product not meeting expectation, but because I don’t want Shane at Twisted X Bowstrings to get so big that the quality of the extremely well made set of strings I received starts to deteriorate. It’s not often I purchase a product and see nothing wrong with it. It’s not often a product allows me to look at all the areas where I am extremely picky and have everything meet or exceed my standards. With the bowstring set I received from Twisted X Bowstrings, this is exactly the case though. But what makes Shane’s strings so well made? Why buy from his company versus another? And what string builders am I using to compare to?

Let’s start with the characteristics of a good string set. A good string set isn’t going to creep, it’s going to be made to spec, it’s going to look well made, and it’s going to be able to stand up to varying temperatures and stress. So what makes a great string set? All of the before mentioned details, but with added care and pride for ones work. For example, I talked with Shane over the phone prior to ordering about specific specs I wanted on my strings. I wanted a certain serving diameter for a nock I use and the fitment I prefer and my yokes served at a certain length. His response to my inquiries was, “No problem I can make them however you need them.” Even after letting him know I had previously had issues from other builders, he assured me it was no problem. Once I received my strings, I took out my micrometer and measuring tape to check over specs and they were exactly like I wanted. To say I was pleased was an understatement.

This attention to detail is what originally made me turn to Twisted X Bowstrings. I saw a thread started on Archery Talk by Shane, and to my surprise, he not only showed pictures of his strings but also of his servings. To me, a perfectly served end loop shows the quality and attention to detail on a string. This is something I had only seen posted by one other string maker, even after request, and it shows that Shane knows he does a good job and wants to convey that to his potential buyers as well.

I’ve purchased many string sets over the years from various companies that had different structures. I’ve purchased from big name companies that mass produce with fair and short lived success as well as purchased from mid level companies with the same fair and short lived success. But I will tell you that purchasing from Shane at Twisted X Bowstrings has given me all I could ask for in strings. Perfect serving, perfect lengths, perfect nock fit, and much more.

When I come across a company I feel I can stand behind, I want to make sure everyone else knows it as well. So if you’re looking for a new string set, check out  Twisted X Bowstrings ! And Shane, if you read this and your company takes a sudden growth spurt, you still have to be the builder for my string sets 😉

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