Monthly Archives: April 2016

Spot Hogg The Edge Arrow Rest Review

The arrow rest is what supports the arrow and greatly aides in tuning your bow to give you the most forgiveness possible.┬áSo when I look at picking an arrow rest I’m looking at only a few points of interest, but ones that are incredibily important. I’m looking for adjustability of the rest first and foremost, the ease of which you can use the rest, the increments of adjustment given, and finally the overall look of the rest based on the product. Continue reading


Hoyt HyperEdge Initial Review

My long, overdue Hoyt HyperEdge review is finally here! A fellow ArcheryTalk member was gracious enough to send me his to install a set of TwistedXBowstrings as well as to look at a high tear issue and install the NEW 65% Mods from Hoyt.  Continue reading