Spot Hogg The Edge Arrow Rest Review

The arrow rest is what supports the arrow and greatly aides in tuning your bow to give you the most forgiveness possible. So when I look at picking an arrow rest I’m looking at only a few points of interest, but ones that are incredibily important. I’m looking for adjustability of the rest first and foremost, the ease of which you can use the rest, the increments of adjustment given, and finally the overall look of the rest based on the product. The Spot Hogg, “The Edge” arrow rest allows me to check off all of these bullet points and does so in an impressive fashion.

Let’s take a look first at the features of this rest, starting with its micro adjust capabilities. You can micro adjust basically every feature of this rest in very, very small increments. The horizonal adjustments and vertical adjustments are done with just one screw per setting and no lock screw. Not having a lock screw on this rest is invaluable to me. The way it’s designed, the body of the rest and its moving parts are all tightly combined and this means that any turns you have on the adjustment screws give you a no slop adjustment. Which in other rests that have lock screws you do not get because after loosening the lock screw the two parts of the rest seperate and become slack. This makes it a nightmare to get super fine adjustments out of the rest and know they have not moved from loosening to tightening of the lock screw. The other aspect of micro adjustment is found on the blade angle that comes in two fashions. The first being a lock screw that holds the arm of the launcher in place. When you loosen this, you are able to move the entire arm in and out and at the starting angle you want the blade to be at. This allows you to center the blade in the riser with the arrow rest’s horizontal adjustments centered as well, giving maximum adjustability when in use. The second form of adjustment is in an adjustment screw found at the bottom, front of the base on the rest. This screw gives you the ability to micro adjust the blade angle, without loosening anything to lose your place during adjustments. Also on the rest body, for the new Edge rests, you’ll find a slot for torque tuning as well as a rubber backed set screw. The rubber backed set screw is a nice touch because you can use this feature without marking up your riser. On the older Edge rests, you have two individual holes on the rest body. One for the mounting screw and one for the locking screw. These can also be used to torque tune a bow by using the forward or rear hole for the mounting bolt and the opposite hole for the locking bolt. Lastly, when you purchase this rest you will receive the two most popular blades. A .008 and .010 narrow blade.

The Edge rest is a great set up to use and I have used the same rest on my bows for the last 4 years. That’s durability at its best there. It’s made it through 5 of my bows and never a hiccup one. My favorite part of the rest is the lack of locking screws on the horizontal and vertical adjustments giving the body of the rest no slack and flop at all for adjustments. To me, this makes any adjustment I do a quick and painless process that I can have the utmost reliance on. In my opinion, picking the Spot Hogg, “The Edge”  rest is a no brainer for any archer and one that I recommend all the time. You just can’t go wrong with one!

Here’s a link to a YouTube video Reo Wilde did recently on Spot Hogg’s, “The Edge Rest.” This will give a good visual on the rest and also an opinion of a very decorated archer.


4 thoughts on “Spot Hogg The Edge Arrow Rest Review

  1. Ben

    All the same reasons I’ve picked this rest also. It sk easy to set up and tune with it. The only thing I did not like was that it does not tell you what your blade angle is but other than that its a great rest. I do have a question on changing the blades though if you could answer it. I broke the original best blade and did not have a second but another shooter lent me one that they were not using. It was not a Best blade and ended up having to adjust my sight for it. If it were a Best blade, and not another brand, would it have repeated exactly like it was?

    1. rcrchery Inc. Post author

      I’ve never had too many issues replacing blades when using the best blades. What I have run into though is when you tighten the screws down for the blade, it’s not entirely self centering. I usually keep my thumb on the base of the blade at the rod/shelf and then put pressure on the end of the blade with my finger to keep it from twisting while the screws are tightened down. If they move it can throw off your centershot and need some re working.

  2. Brock

    I just picked up one of these rests to mount on my Vantage Elite Plus. One thing I see right off is that the rod that holds the blade is way too long and sticks out the right side of the rest. Did you cut yours?

    1. rcrchery Inc. Post author

      I didn’t cut mine. I’ve thought about it too, but I have it adjusted to where it’s about flush with the mounting bar now so it’s not very bad/noticeable.


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