Monthly Archives: August 2016

“Nock-2-It” Nock-On Release Review

If you’ve followed the videos on my YouTube and Instagram channels, you’ve seen that I am pretty much exclusively a hinge shooter. So for a thumb button to draw me away from my custom hinge, it has to be something really special! First let me go over the release itself, then I’ll go into why it’s lured me away from my hinge. Continue reading

Thumb Release Execution Methods

While I have a lot of dedicated hinge release information here on my blog and also on my YouTube channel, I realized I hadn’t posted any dedicated thumb release information. That changes today! I’m going to give you 7!!, ways to execute a shot with a button release, and not only am I going to just give you that information, I am going to tell you which method works best with certain shot types to allow you to choose the right one for you! Continue reading