“Nock-2-It” Nock-On Release Review

If you’ve followed the videos on my YouTube and Instagram channels, you’ve seen that I am pretty much exclusively a hinge shooter. So for a thumb button to draw me away from my custom hinge, it has to be something really special! First let me go over the release itself, then I’ll go into why it’s lured me away from my hinge.

The Nock-2-It button release takes a winning design, and model (Wise Choice), from Carter Enterprises and builds on this platform by adding John Dudley’s custom specifications. These include a heavy cocking spring and a custom two finger, hybrid design. If you’ve seen John shooting during his tournament years, or listened to his podcast and YouTube channel, you already know that a two finger release is a favorite of his. The benefits of a repeatable anchor position, consistent and torque free shot, and ease of use are a few attributes he mentions from having a two finger style release. Along with this starting point, Dudley also wanted the releases built with a heavy cocking spring. This helps aide in a positive retraction of the bar that closes when hooking the release onto the d-loop, as a shot is fired. Along with this, Dudley chose the double sear trigger that Carter is using on their new releases. This allows for a completely, perfect setting of trigger sensitivity with the ease of a tension adjustment screw. No more switching springs and being in between the poundage of them with this release! Finally, on the second batch of these releases, the casing is tweaked to allow better coverage of the cocking lever. This helps keep dust and debris from entering the internals of the release, and makes for a pretty cool look too.

Onto the good stuff, why I have chosen to have not only one, but TWO of these releases. I mentioned in my introduction that I have a custom hinge release that I’ve used exclusively for some time now. But what does that have to do with the Nock-2-It, you ask? Well, the reason it’s custom is because I have cut and shaped my release into a two finger model. So when the announcement was made for the new Nock-On release, I knew I had to have it to compliment my hinge. At the time though, I only considered it in the realms of a release to switch around to at times and mostly as a cool item from one of my archery heroes. That changed however once I started using my original Nock-On release.

What I find comfortable with a release is a flat finger bed area to place my fingers onto each shot. This aides in a straighter pull through my shot and also in a repeatable placement of the release into my hand each time it comes out of my release pouch. This is exactly the design the Nock-2-It has, and beyond that, it really does feel made for my hand. Not only my hand, but I’ve had archers use it with hands smaller, larger, skinnier, and fatter than mine and each say the same thing. In fact, I’ve had to keep a close eye on it when I let someone try it out to make sure I get it back…. Yea, you know who you are haha It’s not often you find a release made that feels form fitted to such a wide variety of shooters. I attribute this to the flat middle of the finger beds along with the rounded edges. This design clearly allows for a good fitment across a wide range of hand shapes and sizes. It’s also the design of just about all Carter releases.

The trigger was the deciding factor for me to make this release a mainstay though. I’m picky about my shot timing being repeatable and not forced. This is why I use a hinge. The adjustment to micro tune my shot feel on a hinge has always made them my go to. But with the trigger adjustment on the Carter having a tension screw, I can now fine tune a thumb button the same way! Not only that, but I can use the benefit of a thumb button to make a cleaner shot. What benefit you ask? Being able to pull straight! No rotation needed, just a straight pull. And when the shot breaks…. That trigger! Oh, that trigger! It’s a crisp, audible click that has such a positive feel and response to it. It’s what you dream about at night, people! Maybe it’s the heavy cocking spring John has them built with, but I haven’t felt a better trigger from any other thumb button before.

Lastly, let’s go over the two finger, hybrid design. The release is built as a two finger platform, but has a nub on the end to allow you to also hang your third finger onto it as well. This is good for the archer to promote proper hand positioning and a flat structure through the base knuckles. It keeps you squared away and lined up perfectly from shot to shot.

I know by now you’re probably wanting to know where to get your hands on one of these releases. For the answer, I need to prepare you first that you’ll have to hurry up and wait. Hurry up, to e-mail John and Sharon that you want one and wait, to be notified once more are produced. At this point in time, the last news I heard about production would be most likely after hunting season and possibly only one more batch. So head over to the Nock On Store and use the Contact Us form to let them know you’re a buyer.

Here’s a couple links for videos to go along with this review. I’m going to put in the video John Dudley did on the adjustment of the release. (Click “video” for the hyperlink to work)

And secondly, a video I did over the review of these releases.

Nock On everybody!

8 thoughts on ““Nock-2-It” Nock-On Release Review

  1. Art

    I’m a novice archer (almost 3 months) and have been shooting the same crap index finger release all this time. I really want to change it up to the Nock 2 It but it’s obviously very difficult to get. Considering that it’s based on the Carter Wise Choice, should I just get that as an easier to acquire alternative? I’ve already signed up for the waiting list for the Nock 2 It but am afraid it’ll take too long 😦

    1. rcrchery Inc. Post author

      If you can wait 2-3 weeks I would. Dudley mentioned in his latest podcast that should be the wait time for it. There’s also a tension activated release that’ll be using the same casing coming out soon as well.

      1. Art

        Tension activated as in a hinge release? My main goal is to go bow hunting and I like the Nock 2 It because it encloses the d-loop completely and can be left hanging from it.

        (I need to listen to that podcast)

  2. Jamie loy

    My name is Jamie Loy I’m from Australia really interested in your release was wondering how to order one thanks

    1. rcrchery Inc. Post author

      Hi Jamie. It’s actually only available on Nock On Archery’s website. The release is a design of John Dudley and Carter. He only has them in stock at certain times though and you’ll have to go onto his website and place yourself on a waiting list by going to the release and putting your email address in the contact info.


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