Haymond’s Archery Arrow Review

When it comes to arrows I want precision. For me this means quality choice in the arrows I choose, components that go along with the arrow, and most importantly how they’re made. Attention to detail is key here and is the leading factor in why I choose to make my own arrows. With that said, I rarely trust the job of building my arrows to anyone and I have a short list of those that can. Two. There’s two people. See, short list haha Forrest Haymond, owner of Haymond’s Archery is one of the two I will trust and his process is what I will be reviewing here today.

On ArcheryTalk I found a thread for a review of, “Reezen11 and his spine indexed arrows” (< Link) which got me curious as to what level of quality he was putting out. Spine testing is something I like to have done on my arrows because it gives me a solid starting point on nock indexing and also a point of reference for fletching. To do this accurately you need the correct tools, and unfortunately that tool is a little pricey, so for me finding someone that has this feature available on their arrow builds is key. Forrest Haymond does just this on each and every arrow he builds! Once he finds the stiff side of the arrow he will put a reference mark on the arrow shaft so that you won’t be left wondering where it is, should you ever need to re-fletch that arrow. (Shown here with the silver dot on the left)image1-20

Forrest also does a remarkable job fletching his arrows and installing the components. Sometimes you will find builders that leave messy areas of glue from install, which is understandable because it is very easy to do, but with the arrows I received from Haymond’s Archery they all looked immaculate. To say that made me happy is an understatement. I may be a little OCD…. image2.PNG

When I write a review and give a recommendation, it’s only going to be when I feel confidence in that person/company and their products. For me to recommend Forrest Haymond and Haymond’s Archery, it’s an easy choice. I feel I can stand behind him and his work without hurting my credibility and I will gladly do so with results like these! img_5971

Be sure to head over to his website, http://haymondarchery.com/index.html and check out his products and services. He offers arrows from Deer Crossing Archery and Black Eagle. (Black Eagle PS23’s were the arrows I tested) Haymond’s Archery also offers archery services for bow tuning and set up, as well as providing an outlet to purchase the best strings that I’ve ever used made by TwistedXBowstrings. For my review on Shane’s custom built strings click Here.



4 thoughts on “Haymond’s Archery Arrow Review

  1. Mike

    i use fmj 6 and find fletched and paper tuned they are dead on at 60 yards with the right spine for your bow weight compound bow but recurve bare shaft is the way to go for accuracy


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