Coaching & Webinar Packages

Because sometimes we all need some one on one structured guidance, I have created 3 unique and highly effective coaching packages. Each are segments of my full training program so that you can choose which one(s) suit your situation best. There are NO time limits or time frames on these packages. However long we need to take for us to get through them is completely up to your schedule and time frame.

Coaching Package 1 Form & Bow Fitment $50.00

In this package I will focus on building your form and bow fitment to give you the steadiest hold you’ve ever achieved on target before. I do this by establishing the correct bone alignment, body structure, and natural strengthening areas our bodies are designed to use. Bio mechanics are a big portion of any sport, especially ones requiring us to become still, such as archery.

Here’s the topics we will master:

  1. Correct “T” Formation to match your body’s natural alignment. This promotes us using our core strength, which is the platform for steadiness.
  2. Proper grip placement and angles. Placing the hand onto the grip correctly pushes the riser into the palm and utilizes our joints in the wrist, elbow, and shoulder to steady out shot. My personal grip technique will place your hand in a position for the least torque available.
  3. Building our foundation around your stance. I will show you our base stance to use throughout form tuning and why you want to use it. It will develop alignment through your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders to keep you steadier in all conditions, including wind and shooting on angles. (A continuation of stance is found in my second package to find your Natural Point of Aim)
  4. Facial anchor points. Finding the correct facial anchor points makes consistency shot after shot much easier. I will show you how to set the bow’s draw length to make your facial anchor points a natural position to be placed in each shot. This includes centering the peep sight, string to nose, and anchor height of the release hand.
  5. Correct Loop Length. There’s much more involved in finding the correct loop length than where the hand fits best. You are setting up your back muscles to hold you steadier at full draw and really lock you in. This locked in feeling at full draw promotes confidence in your shot and a smoother aim with less movement. This also allows you to have a dynamic shot style that will give you greater results!

Coaching Package 2 Shot Process Development $50.00

This Package was initially going to be called, “Shot Process Magic”, but I swayed away from a gimmicky title. In truth though, this is where the magic takes place in building accuracy and repeatability. Both mental and physical training is taught in this package.

  1. Building a proper shot sequence that is simple, but effective. This promotes repetitiveness shot to shot, gives the mind something to think about during high stress situations, and is the core development of our mental training.
  2. The how’s and why’s to studying your float. This is something that I find almost nobody does and it’s been a huge development factor in my shot! This is the base point for finding our natural point of aim. We will also build our shot timing through this segment by finding when our body naturally holds the sight pin still.
  3. Shot timing development. Here’s where we look at our float and time how our body naturally slows down to a stop. Developed by my techniques of using stabilizing muscles in the bow shoulder, we will adjust your release timing to match your perfect shot execution moment. This rhythm is how the professional archers find the middle, regardless of float size being bigger in a stressful situation or not.
  4. Building Subconscious Aiming. Aiming on target isn’t a mindful choking of the pin/dot to stay still in the middle. Quite the opposite. It’s an act of our subconscious to trigger our muscles to trip the shot when we are naturally in the middle of the target. This method is key in target panic not being a factor in your shot and guiding your arrows to the middle of the target. I will explain fully how to develop this method, which is easier than you would think.

Coaching Package 3 Bow Tuning $50.00

Ever wondered what, “Super Tuning” was? Well, it’s building a bow that is forgiving to your bad shots. Meaning, the human input and error we place into our equipment has less affect on down range arrow impacts. These are the shots you wince at, only to look at the target and see the arrow in the ten ring. I will go over my tested and proven methods that will work for any archer’s skill range, from beginner to advanced.

  1. Arrow Rest Set up. Proper positioning and timing of a blade or drop away system. This includes the angle of the blade for the most forgiving arrow travel.
  2. Sight Set Up. Fully setting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis on your sight(when available) to give you the most accurate aiming system in any conditions.
  3. My Bow Arm Steadying, Stabilizer Set Up Routine. This is a step by step guidance on setting up stabilizer lengths, positions, and weighting to give you a steadier bow arm and bow reaction at the shot. My methods are simple and require much, much less time to set up. There’s no trial and error here. Just results.
  4. Pulling Point Tuning. Many people place a loop onto their bow without ever understanding the affects on hold that it can give them. The adjustment of the pulling point on your loop allows you to have a natural point of aim in the center of the target, versus fighting low/high holds.
  5. Torque Tuning. I have two different applications to torque tune your bow. (When Available) These include functions with your sight and your arrow rest to align horizontally the riser, sight, and rest when inducing torque into our shots from less than ideal bow hand moments.
  6. Paper Tuning. My paper tuning method is brief and will give you the starting point you need to finish your tuning quicker and easier.
  7. French Tuning. French tuning uses ONLY TWO distances to completely dial in your center shot. This is very simple and easy for an archer of any skill level to complete and will give you centered groups on target no matter the distance.
  8. Bare Shaft Tuning. My method of bareshaft tuning differs from a lot and that’s because I have found a way to take the headache of this method out of the equation. I will show you the starting point for rest height and arrow impacts to give you greater accuracy on your best or worst shots.
  9. Group Tuning. This is a method that shows you minute adjustments in your rest to give you tighter grouping. It’s done by tracking placements and matching arrow rest forgiveness with the pressure of your grip.

Knowing my methods all work off one another, I’d like to offer you a discount when purchasing all three packages together at one time.

Complete Overhaul Package $125.00

This gives you a savings of $25.00 over purchasing all three packages separately over time.

Complete Overhaul Package With Coaching Instructional Video $150.00

This package gives you access to all of my coaching services and will also have a video that I made just for my coaching process. This video can serve as visuals for certain topics and also as reminders to look back on.

Coaching Webinar $150.00

Because of continued requests to help out groups of archers both within the U.S., and especially outside of the U.S., I have developed course materials and a presentation to help groups of archers succeed at their goals! My webinars follow the same path as my coaching and are tailored to the groups I am working with. Whether it’s a beginners session or an Advanced session, I will be able to give each archer the tools they need to watch their scores climb and their groups shrink!

Each participant will receive notes from our discussions to serve as reminders and also to cover any information we may not have had time to get to. These include picture and video references to show examples of certain aspects of your form, bow set up, bow fitment, shot execution, and more.

**Pricing shown is the cost for one participant. Class size not to exceed 10 participants per session.**

For more information on purchasing these packages and contacting myself, visit my website at or go directly to my coaching package’s page Here.


13 thoughts on “Coaching & Webinar Packages

  1. Dan

    I started shooting a hinge about a year ago and have learned by what i can find online. I have found some good info and lots of not so helpful info. I happened across a post of yours on archery talk and that led me to your website. I only wish i would have discovered your website sooner. Awesome videos and great articles. I’ve learned more in a week from you than i have in a year elsewhere. Great job! Do you have any info on setting the speed of the release,either faster or slower, as it relates to accuracy? Thanks.

    1. rcrchery Post author

      I’ve got a set up routine. Email me and let me know what method you’re using to fire it now and how it feels during practice and then in a pressure situation and we can work through what you need.

  2. Dan

    would you be willing to take a look at my form and let me know what i need to work on. ive been shooting a hinge and have trouble sticking with one particular technique. from your articles and videos ive kind of narrowed it down to using a little extra pressure on the ring finger or equalizing the pressure throughout my fingers while pulling straight back slightly. however it seems i have to change the speed of the release for each method to shoot consistently and keep from putting arrows in the wall. any suggestions would be appreciated.

      1. Dan

        I have been trying to email you a short video however the file size is too large to send. I’ve shortened it to about 17 seconds and it still won’t send. Can I send it through a text and see if it will send. Thanks.

  3. Dan

    i was having trouble sending my video to you however it looks like a couple got through. Did you recieve the email? Thanks!

  4. Braydon Walsh

    I’ve stumbled across your videos and they always offer some great tips. I’ve been shooting for a few years and recently got into target archery. For your coaching packages, is that just instructional video or do you work over email and pictures with the individual shooters?

    I can shoot very well but I’m sure your tips could help me push that X count a bit higher. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. rcrchery Inc. Post author

      Hi Braydon. Thank you for watching the videos and messaging me on the coaching packages. It is one on one work through emails, pictures, videos, and skype depending on what works best.

      1. Braydon Walsh

        Fantastic. I’m out on the road at the moment but I’ll be grabbing the complete package when I get back. I would just like someone to critique what I’m doing. I’ve flipped my stances around and changed my release style and just overall changed my shooting style too often. And while I shoot very well, I want to learn a style that’s correct and practice practice practice.

        I’ll hopefully have my order in next week!

      2. rcrchery Inc. Post author

        That sounds great! If you’re already a good shooter even with changing things around, building a shot routine and foundation will really help. I look forward to working with you when you get off the road!

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