T.R.U. Ball HBX Review

The long awaited HBX release from T.R.U. Ball finally arrived and I was able to pick it apart, look at how it was desiged, manufactured, adjusted, and finally how it shot. I have a love-hate relationship with this release, but I will say it’s a good design and I personally believe it will be a great release for a lot of shooters. Which shooters though? Well, read on to find out. Continue reading

Hoyt Podium X Elite 37 Part Two

Now that I have some extended string time behind the new Podium X Elite, I wanted to write a more indepth review about certain aspects of the bow. I wanted to talk about how it tunes, some of the areas I found that needed to have extra attention, the new Spiral Pro Cam, how it feels aiming, and about the grip inserts and how it can help with the balancing of the bow, as well as the sight picture.  Continue reading

Next Level Practicing

The majority of our time shooting will be spent practicing, so it makes sense that we would want to optimize this time to make ourselves better when it is time to perform. Sounds simple right? You go out, shoot some arrows, write down some scores, or just look at how each shot did. You do this all the time, but you never seem to get any better…. Continue reading


Recently I was out shooting with a friend of mine and as we were pulling our arrows from the target he said, ” Man I wish I could hold my pin that steady. It must never move at full draw.” But in actuality, that’s far from the truth. What this got me to thinking about is the big misconception in what aiming actually is. The process of it, what a desired sight picture is, and the mind set behind it all. So with this entry I’m going to break each one of those segments down and go more in depth with each and try to debunk some myths about it all in the process. Continue reading