Instructional Video Series

Welcome to my Instructional Video Series Page. On this page I am showcasing each video I make that will be for sale. The videos in each series will be much more in depth than any of the current information on my webpage here or my YouTube channel. On my video series, I will give much the same information I do to the archers I work one on one with and it will show tips, tricks, and more in depth why’s and how’s as to what I do with my own equipment, form, shot execution, and much more.

You can purchase each video in either DVD Format or Digital Format by going to my website .


Digital – $25.00 Per Video

DVD – $25.00 per video shipped to you in the United States. Additional Shipping fee if outside of the U.S. to cover difference in shipping costs.

Bundle Pricing – For special pricing on bundling all of the videos at one time. Visit my  website.

Bow Set Up Tips & Tricks

Form, Draw Length, Loop Length, Studying Float, Drills for Perfection, Target Reading, and More

Sight Set-Up, Arrow Software Use, & Stabilizer Set-Up

Complete Bow Tuning Guide

How to Shrink Your Groups & Raise Your Averages

Advanced Tuning Methods For Bow Forgiveness

Building Professional Archer’s Form